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What to do about the flu? January 10, 2010

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Homeopathy has a successful history with flu and flu symptoms. This short list includes remedies for all stages of flu, from early onset to late stages:

Aconite: Take this after being exposed to the flu or at the very, very, early stages.  It only works during the very early stage so move on to another remedy if you are past that stage already.

Oscillococcinum: this is for the first stage when you’ve been exposed or when you want to treat everyone prophylacticly so no one else gets it.

Arsenicum: this is a very restless flu where the person can’t sit still.  They are usually more chilly than they normally would be but not necessarily having the chills per se just cold.  This remedy is usually the remedy that helps the stomach flu so there is often vomiting and diarrhea

Bryonia: irritable, throbbing headache and body pains where all symptoms are worse from motion.  The main feature of this flu is the motion aspect.  The person with this flu feels horrible from any movement.

Eupatorium: The main feature of this flu is body pain so bad it feels like your bones are broken. Chills with thirst (opposite of gelsium)

Gelsium: This is the #1 flu remedy.    This person has chills with a run over by a truck feeling.  There is fatigue and dullness and they are  not thirsty.  The difference between this and bryonia is that gelsium is really tired and doesn’t want to move vs. movement making everything worse (bryonia).

Alternatives to the flu shot:

Influenzium: Each year the drug companies distribute a new flu vaccine and each year homeopathic manufacturers use this vaccine to prepare a homeopathic remedy.  You take the remedy as directed on the package during the flu season, usually starting in October ending around April

For a seasonal preventative I suggest using Elderberry syrup and upping your Vitamin C daily

For treatment of Swine Flu or Avian Flu I suggest seeking a professional homeopath.


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