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Hats, Does Anyone Wear Them Anymore?? April 7, 2010

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I was walking with my children yesterday and it was a lovely warmish day, perhaps in the low 60’s but there was a cold wind that was strongly blowing. I had put my children in layers so that if they had gotten warmer they could shed some of the layers. I had also put on hats that covered their ears against the strong wind. What surprised me was when we arrived at the park there was not one other child with a hat on.

So many children now suffer from middle ear infections (acute otitis media) and in Homeopathy we know that wind of any kind (including warm) can help contribute to a child’s ear infection.

We also know that the head loses the most amount of heat and I personally believe that this also contributes to a large amount of illnesses in children. Children are unable to moderate their temperature until almost 7. This means that children are not able to recognize that they are either hot or cold. I see so many children without socks on little feet when it’s quite chilly outside or little chubby legs sticking out while mommy is holding them in chilly weather.

If you touch your child and their skin is cold then they ARE cold. Whether or not they say they are. If your child has a flushed face or is sweating then they ARE hot so take some clothes off! Make sure you dress your children in layers so that if it becomes hot or cold you are prepared.

One other thing I have to mention is that if your child has a runny nose and they don’t have a history of allergies than they are probably catching a cold and need to be at home not going here, there and everywhere. This doesn’t mean they have to be locked indoors, no quite the contrary if you have a yard let them play but keep them dressed appropriately so that if there is a cold wind they have a hat on that covers their ears. If you don’t have a yard go ahead and go for a walk or to the park. If it’s warm out side they have a hat on that keeps their tender skin covered and shaded.

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