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Got Thrush? February 3, 2010

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Well if your breastfeeding and you and your child get thrush nothing is more painful (except maybe mastitis) and harder to get rid of.

Thrush  is caused by the Candida albicans yeast or fungus, which can also cause vaginal infections and diaper rashes. It likes to breed in dark, moist places…like your child’s mouth which then is transfered to your nipple.    The pain is often described as burning or a  pins and needles type of feeling.  The nipple will often be shiny and dark red.  In your child’s mouth there will be white spots 1/2 hour or more after nursing that cannot be wiped away.  You may see these patches on the insides of his cheeks, on his tongue, on the roof of his mouth, and on his lips and gums as it spreads.


Borax:  This is the #1 oral thrush remedy.  Usually it’s given in a 6c dose several times a day.  The child’s mouth may feel hot when they latch on.

Kali Muraticum:  White coated mouth and/or tongue

Mercurious Solubilis:  Thrush with lots of saliva.  Usually the child has bad breath.

Natrum Muriaticum: White coated mouth and tongue.  In this case the mouth is usually dry and the child is more thirsty than normal

Sulphuric Acid:  Coated mouth and tongue, irritable, hurried (eating faster than normal)

While struggling with thrush it’s a good time to look at what your are eating and make sure you have yogurt in your diet since that is the bacteria that normally controls the yeast.

Wipe your baby’s mouth with a cloth dipped in a solution of  1/4 pint pure water to a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.  You should also wipe your nipples as well to make sure you don’t get cross contamination from nursing.

If  in a couple of days of  you trying these remedies nothing is working it’s time to make a call to your homeopath.


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