Pediatric Homeopathy

Single Vs. Combination Remedies January 22, 2010

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So you’re standing in the health food store trying to figure out what remedy to buy for your child’s teething symptoms (or some other problem)  when you see different choices that have more than one remedy in it.  Often people will ask which should I buy the single or the combination.  Well what I’m going to say is probably going to surprise you.  If you’re buying over the counter homeopathic remedies I think you should probably get the combination when your first starting out or don’t know what would be best.

Why you ask?  Because a lot goes into researching what works best in a certain range of issues and the combination usually has those remedies that are best known for resolving those issues.  Once you have a combination that is working you can then begin figuring out what exactly  is the remedy that is working and then buy the single of that to have on hand.


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